Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is because of improvement of new techniques has become the procedure of choice for men and women desiring more volume of hair and density. It could be performed for all age groups. There are some factors that should be taken into consideration ,scalp skin characteristic ( elastic or rigid ), Hair density or volume, type of hair loss, features of hair ( curly or straight ). The proper technique will be decided by your doctor Ismail Buyukcayir MD with you. Ismail Buyukcayir MD clinic, Jineplast is world leading and one of the most experienced hair transplantation clinic in Turkey. It is our job to give you most natural look.

The hairs which are picked up from your back of scalpl are called grafts. These may contain one, two, three or four hairs inside..We as Jineplast clinic use FUE technique in our surgical procedures that hair follicules are picked up one by one using micro motor under magnification. The advantage is more alive hairs with no scar in the reserve area. Although it takes so much time The results are excellent.Because you are so precious and your health is very important for us.

The next important thing in FUE technique is making the channels that are created meticulously to avoid any scar. If you create 40 channels per cm2 this will be the naturally look, high volume and density scalp. The last step is the implantation of grafts into the channels.

Hair transplantation in our clinic is performed by Ismail Buyukcayir MD fully recognized plastic surgeon and his fully experienced medical team together with anesthesiologist at the hospital.

What is Hair Transplantation?

We can describe hair transplantation as transmitting healthy hair follicles which are in nape region (donor area) to the region in accordance with your request by taking these hair follicles through methods that are named as FUE or FUT by a specialist. In fact, you can consider this operation as a transplantation of organ. The only choose and most healthy donor for you is you. We can say that the result will be more successful, if frequency, quality and density your hair follicles are well. We cannot create something that is not and we cannot work a miracle.

Only, we maximize the success rate together by using our skills and experience in the best way to eliminate your complaints with your stem cells. We are trying to think like you and we do not consider hair transplantation only as an operation. Our principle is being able to respond to your expectations properly by spending 5-6 hours that we will spend it for operation by chatting with our patients.

Hair Transplantation With FUE Method

The priority of hair transplants by using FUE method is; suture is not used in this method so this is a seamless method. In our country, FUE method has been started to be used in 2004. In this method, the specialist transplants hair follicles which have been taken one by one by micro motor or manual punches from your donor region to the region which needs hair.

sacekimi-1Hair transplantation with FUE method is performed under local anesthesia. You can spend each stage without fear and by realizing without compromising your comfort because your consciousness will be opened. The local anesthesia which will be applied in for the operation will be performed by using FUE method is put only on area that transplantation will be made at that stage. Only the stage that you will feel pain and suffering is anesthesia stage. However, this pain is not kind of pain that you cannot bear. These pains are temporary pains caused by needles are used.

The number of stems which are taken is changed from person to person, because everyone’s hair density, hair structure is different. So, you will not be able to have the correct information by comparing yourself with another person. Only you may choose the right clinic by searching about the works of clinics.

With FUE hair transplant technique, 2000-4000 grafts can be taken from our patients in one session (In some napes, this number may be decreased as well as in some napes may be increased.) These grafts will return to you as 4000-10000 barbas (hair). I think, you have already thought about why 4000 barbas is obtained from 2000 grafts. Because, one graft does not mean one hair follicle. GRAFTS= they are living tissues which nourish and hold multiple hair follicles together. They are as double or triple hair follicles.

The FUE method is the most effective hair transplantation technique preferred by us and by our patients because the operation performed by using this method results without scars.

Hair Transplantation Supported by PRP

PRP term is the shortened version of “Platelet Rich Plasma”. It means “Thrombocytes enriched plasma cell”.
Nowadays, Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment which is used in many areas of medicine speeds up the healing processes of operations. Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment used in areas such as skin treatments, dental treatments and orthopedic, also used in hair transplantation performed by FUE method. In the hair transplantation operation performed by FUE method and supported by PRP, the period of hair shedding and hair regrowth period is shorter than normal. This means faster results.
In normal, the hair regrowth time is totally is 12 months, but in the hair transplantation operation performed by FUE method and supported by PRP the hair regrowth time is about 7-8 months.

If the effects of PRP in hair transplantation surgery will be summarized;

  • It provides healing of regions where the hair follicles are taken from, more faster and without scars.
  • It allows hair follicles be alive for longer time and prevents damage to hair follicles.
  • It provides lengthening, thickening and revitalization of limp and thin hair
  • It contributes to a large extent to prevent shedding of hair which has been planted after hair transplantation operation.

Frequently Asked Questions in Hair Transplantation PRP

When The Transplanted Hair Starts To Grow

Transplanted hair shedding begins after 20-25 days of hair transplantation. This may vary according to the individual conditions. Please don’t worry about hair shedding. You will lose your hair after the first transplantation process and after 2-3 months your hair will begin to grow. In 10-11 months your hair will grow completely.

How Long Does Hair Transplant Surgery Take

Hair transplantation surgery is a process which takes about 6-10 hours. Of course, this situation varies according to the amount graft will be transplanted and according to size of region that operation will be performed on.

Does Hair Transplantation Provide A Natural Look?

After a successful hair transplantation operation a natural appearance is provided. The method chosen for hair transplantation, placing hair follicle and angles given to planted grafts play an important role in natural hair look.

The hairline is very important for a natural look. That’s why the hairline should be determined successfully. A natural appearance is achieved as a result of a successful operation.

Does Hair Transplantation Process Leave Ans Scar?

In FUT method, when hair is taken from nape cutting and sewing operations are applied so scars may remain in the nape region. In FUE method, hair is taken one by one from the nape, any scar is not in question.

he Effect of Age on Hair Transplantation

There is no age limit for hair transplantation operation. If any thinning and shedding is seen on hair of patient, this operation can be applied to anyone. In hair transplantation surgery age is not a matter, the important thing in this operation is how much person’s hair is shedding or thinning. So it will be better that if the patient gets information from an expert surgeon as soon as possible after the beginning of hair loss, the patient.



The price cannot be defined in our website dueto prohibition of ministry of health Turkey. We appreciate to send you detail information about our competetive and affordable  price  by mail.

Our price includes

All transfers in Istanbul from airport to hotel consultation, hospital till you go back from airport to your country.

Accomodation of 3 nights at 3-4 star hotel specially designed for surgical patients in the heart of Istanbul.

Consultation with Dr. Ismail Buyukcayir in detail

Preop blood tests

Full physical examination and check up by anethesiologist and Dr. Ismail Buyukcayir

All the medications during and after the surgery

Postop visits by Dr. Ismail Buyukcayir and dressings, sugical bras, compression garments etc.

Combination of procedures are available and 25 % discount is applied for the other procedures .

The price that we pronounce is the fix price for your surgery. We guarantee that there won’t be no extra cost.

Yes.Dr. Ismail Buyukcayir givethechoice of make ( mentor or Allergan ) size, projection and shape of implant. At initial consultation you will be discussin all the outcomes of the implants.

Yes. After the surgical procedure you will have a scar but Dr. Ismail Buyukcayir will do his best definitely that your scar will be minimum as possible. As theother scars they’ll fade away within time and become less appearant or invisible.

Yes you’ll stay at the hospital one night. Although Dr. Ismail Buyukcayir recomends you tostay but you are free to discharge from hospital if you feel yourself OK.

It’s up to you but we recommend that someone may help you in the recovery period. If nobody is coming with you one of our staff will be checking in on you and help you when needed.

We recommend 5 days of accomodation is enough in most of the cases.

Dr. Ismail Buyukcayırwill be very happy to see you for final chek up and suggestions just before you go back.

Usually the patients go back to their work within 1 week but you should avoid exercising for at least one month may be six weeks.

We appreciate if you could get contact with usanytime after the surgery. We are ready to serve you the best. We just stand behind our jobs.If you would like to come for follow up , we’ll be very happy to make an appointment for you.

No, You are covered with insurance of hospital and surgeon but if it’s needed you may take out travel insurance.