Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction

Ismail Buyukcayir MD is a well known and highly experienced plastic surgeon in slim lipo, vaser liposculpturing, laser assisted liposuction. Nearly 500 cases per year have been performed by himself.

We use latest generation of slimlipo and vaser 2nd generation for laser lipo and liposculpturing in our procedures.  Both of them are approved by FDA.These procedures could be done anywhere in the body where excesive fat deposits are seen for example arms, tummy, back, waist, thigh, knees, face and neck.  By the help of the instruments, laser you use, the fatty tisuue becomes liquified and then aspirated to the outside of the body via small canulas. Despite liposuction, slim lipo gives skin tightening effect which is desired especially for women who have loose skin ( tummy, arms, legs etc.) The advantage is more smother and tighter skin after the procedures. This is extrenely helpful for the patients having cellulitis and some deformities from the previous cosmetic procedures.

Due to creation of small inscions ( approximately 2 mm) there will be no scar and recovery  is very fast with little or no bleeding. After the procedures you will have no pain and little discomfort. You could go back to your daily  activities within 48 hr. The results will be seen just after the operation and will become appearant day by day. The final appearance is seen after 3 months to 6 months.

I would like to emphasize that I personally Ismail Buyukcayir MD laser liposculpturing is the gold standart in body contouring surgery.


The price cannot be defined in our website dueto prohibition of ministry of health Turkey. We appreciate to send you detail information about our competetive and affordable  price  by mail.

Our price includes

All transfers in Istanbul from airport to hotel consultation, hospital till you go back from airport to your country.

Accomodation of 4 nights at 3-4 star hotel specially designed for surgical patients in the heart of Istanbul.

Consultation with Dr. Ismail Buyukcayir in detail

Preop blood tests

Full physical examination and check up by anethesiologist and Dr. Ismail Buyukcayir

All the medications during and after the surgery

Postop visits by Dr. Ismail Buyukcayir and dressings, sugical bras, compression garments etc.

Combination of procedures are available and 25 % discount is applied for the other procedures .

The price that we pronounce is the fix price for your surgery. We guarantee that there won’t be no extra cost.